Friday, November 23, 2007

Deps Pneumonik - Dark Files Omega Version 2.0

A Dope albums from Deps Pneumonik of Vancouver's 4th World
Occupants. Featuring a gang of cuts with Canada's west coast freestyling champion emotionz.

01 Intro (Positive Vibrations)
02 Regenerate Externally
03 Skin is Brown Featuring Lace

04 Oceanic Pacifica
05 Blast Off Featuring Emotionz and Zes
06 It's All Love Featuring Emotionz and Zes
07 So High Featuring Emotionz
08 Pantha Klaws Featuring Lace

09 Veg Featuring Emotionz
10 D.E.P.S.
11 Mammal See, Mammal Do Featuring Asun
12 What You Emcees Know
13 Universal Stadium Featuring Emotionz and Alter
14 Together
15 Only The Eye Above Featuring 4th World Occupants
16 Only Language
17 Slangin Rock Featuring 4th World Occupants