Friday, November 23, 2007

Ghettosocks - Get Some Friends

Ghettosocks makes raps and beats. He has been rapping since 98 but never really took it seriously until he moved to Halifax in 2002. The 2006 DJ Olympics MC Battle Champ's latest offering is grounded in a "90's fundamentals" aesthetic and features appearances by Apt, Bix, Classified, and Loe Pesci. Count Sockula holds down the cuts with guest scratches and abraisions from Jabba, and DJ Josh. The song "Step to a T-Rex" was also nominated for an East Coast Music Award for Hip Hop/ Rap recording of the year.

01. Socks Is Okay
02. Lapping the Sun

03. Suck It Up (feat. Bix)
04. Step to a T-Rex (feat. DJ Josh)
05. A Song About Breakdancing
06. City Life (feat. Loe Pesci and Classified)
07. Steal From Walmart

08. I Invented Everything (feat. Jabba tha Cutt)
09. Read-A-Book
10. Count Sockula Esquire

11. Naturally Nice
12. Out to You (feat. Apt and DJ Josh)
13. Comfortable Silence